I've been in the Beauty industry for almost 20 years now.... you may have seen me around.... had a treatment by me, been tattooed by me, or been taught by me at some stage .... and if you haven't? I can't wait to meet you ...

My story is simple.... almost 20 years ago I got lucky. Like dumb luck kind of lucky.... I stumbled into the Beauty industry by pure chance and a little bit of peer pressure.... and.... the rest is history. I've loved it ever since!

I'm an educator and trainer (I love that too!). I teach Cosmetic Tattoo, Diploma of Beauty Therapy, and various other courses. I'm an accredited trainer, associated with Gold Coast Beauty College (RTO 40816).

I'm a dermal therapist (total skin geek ), cosmetic tattoo artist (internationally trained) and beauty industry enthusiast! I just love it all 


My specialty is natural.... you are already beautiful. I can just help you to enhance that. 

Ombre brows, feather stroke, soft powder are all designs of brows I favour; and each design is as individual as YOU. 

Eyelash enhancement, petite wing, bold eyeliner.... you name it, I can design and create it for you. 

Ombre lips, blush lips, full lip colour.... it's all about personal preference, technique and style.... Trust the process! You choose, and I create.... we are a team in this!

I believe Beauty comes from within. Corny I know. But, You.... FEEL it.

And when you reallllly feel it, it radiates from you, and "becomes" you.

But it sure as hell doesn't hurt having some help with the outside right?! (Brows.... lips.... lashes.... skin.... i want alllllll the help with the outside! ) A part from beauty, teaching and cosmetic tattooing.... my loves are wine.... avocado on potato chips.... lazy Sundays.... and my teens. Probably in that order too. Haha jokes, I love lazy Sundays slightly more than avocado ... Ha!

Come say hi, or DM if you'd like to know more about how I can help with the outside... it'd be my pleasure x