Lip Preparation

Thank you for choosing Artisan for your cosmetic tattoo ❤️


To ensure we can achieve the best possible result for you and to assure long lasting lip perfection, the correct aftercare is a must.


We have set aside a specially formulated tattoo aftercare pack tailored especially for cosmetic tattoo for you in the studio.


We ask that you do not wax, tweeze or thread the area from now until your upcoming appt and recommend that you do not consume any stimulants such as coffee and/or any alcohol in the 12 hours prior to your appointment.


Please advise me prior to your appointment if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are pregnant, breastfeeding are on blood thinning medication or have had anti-wrinkle injectables within the past week.


Please note if any of the above apply to you contact me immediately as you may require a written letter from your doctor before I can proceed with the treatment. 

If you are prone to cold sores you must  visit the chemist PRIOR to your appointment and request EZOVIR tablets and need to be taken a couple of hours before your tattoo appointment. These tablets are anti viral and prevent your lips from breaking out in cold sores. It is absolutely essential that you take these tablets unless you have a medical reason not to, as tattooing lips will cause an outbreak even if you've had only one cold sore in the past and will create scar tissue which will substantially affect the end result of your tattoo.

I also recommend wearing minimal makeup to your appointment. 


Please take the time to read this information prior to your cosmetic tattoo appointment to familiarise yourself with the procedure


Looking forward to perfecting your permanent makeup look.


Many thanks